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This portfolio highlights all of our wrap-around services we provide (for both residential & commercial properties). 

Residential Work & Services

Included are overviews of

  • 4 residential design/construction projects
  • Seasonal Rotations
  • Maintenance Services
  • Holiday Décor
  • An Enhancement Case Study

Case Study Graphic copy

This portfolio highlights 3 commercial and 4 residential design and construction projects.

Commercial & Residential

Along with photos and plans, you learn the following for each project:

  • Timeframe for Project
  • Project Description
  • Site Considerations
  • Design Elements


Here's What Success Looks Like

Client Case Study

Read how Topiarius has worked with Shellane M. and her family to create an outdoor oasis of her dreams.

"My friends and family love the space because it has been thoughtfully planned, the space draws people into it, like a magnet."

StruXure Case Study

As certified (by StruXure) installers we have incorporated their offerings into many of our designs. For a brief overall of the product, download this case study.

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Kid's Play Case Study

Curious what an outdoor space for kids could look like? Take a look at this idea and know we've got kids' play covered!

Entertainment Case Study

When you have 1600 sq. foot rooftop AND you love to entertain, here's what the design looks like. 

Refined Case Study

When you need to extend the use of your outdoor space to include entertaining clients and colleagues, here's what can be done.

Knotwood Case Study

A project before and after using the product Knotwood. As you may have guessed its is not real lumber, but an aluminum product whish is low-maintenance and long-lasting.

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